Alto Food Pantry

In 2011, a representative from the East Texas Food Bank reached out to TCC to voice their concern that our community was being under-served in their vision of a hunger-free East Texas.  Though there were many small faith based pantries in our community, individually they lacked the scale to address the enormity of the issue.  1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults in East Texas are food insecure. (source- ETFB)  We knew we had to help!

Within days, TCC had contacted representatives of the various faith and community based efforts and found that through collaboration a seven-fold increase in the number of food insecure families in our community could be served.  Today, the Alto Food Pantry continues to thrive, serving over 100 households in our community every month.

To provide supplemental food to low-income families in the Alto ISD area.

The purpose of the pantry is to offer a hand up (not a hand out) to families in their time of need.

The Alto Food Pantry is NOT funded by the government. Several local churches and organizations donate their time and/or give a monthly pledge to provide this much needed service to the Alto families.

Many volunteers generously donate their time to pick up, load, unload, sort, shelve, bag, carry out, sign up new clients, update files, purchase supplies, enter and update data, clean, etc., etc. etc. and they do this month after month.

The Alto Food Pantry serves residents living in the Alto ISD who meet eligibility requirements from our distribution center located at 166 Cooper St. on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 1 pm to 3pm.

General Information
Schedule: 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Distribution Address: 166 Cooper St.  Alto, TX  75925
Mailing Address:  PO Box 174  Alto, TX  75925
General Offices:  176 W. San Antonio  Alto, TX  75925

Executive Director: Siu Chapa

First distribution: August 16, 2011.

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